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Multiple communities joining us... 

Collaboration 1st, Code 2nd

Communication is very important!

EquiCode, Encouraging Equal Learning

EquiCode focuses on the holistic development of beginners and veterans alike. We aspire to cultivate a diverse learning environment. Our community provides equal opportunities for everyone to learn, grow, and build up their personal brands.

DSC, Developer Student Community

We pop up with an intend to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We yield mentorship and guidance to all those fellow students at undergraduate level who are passionate developing impactful solution initiatives that could facilitate and aid the society. 

DevScript, Come together to Learn & Grow

We conduct webinars, lectures, quizzes, technical debates and hacks that help you to develop a niche in the tech society. We help you brush up your skills regularly through hackathons and quizzes.

Bash Women, Hello beautiful people

BashWoman Community is started to help students who wants to get out of their comfort zone. Aim of this community is to help 10k people in 2021. Many students are not aware of the tech, and need some mentorship, we as a community can do our part.

CodXCrypt, Mentorship and guidance

It is a community that basically aims at providing project idea to students and provide them mentorship and guidance in projects to ace their interviews

Where there is a skill, there is a way

Sidepath is an alternative education playground, explore your passion and learn various 21st gen skills.

Ladies in DevOps, getting into devops

Ladies in DevOps is welcomes self-identifying women who are in the DevOps profession already and those interested in learning more from a tight-knit community.

SidHacks, hack to contribute

An inclusive community where you can learn, grow, build, share, network and experience various aspects of Hackathon and Technology which in turn helps you solve the shared struggles of society.

Floxies, UX/UI design and webflow

This community for women has a mission to support each other on their Design and Webflow Development journey, by sharing their knowledge, learning from speakers across the world and practising during their hands-on sessions. 

Community Classroom, hands-on training

A place where you can get free online courses and mentorship, all in an inclusive community.

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