The EddieHub Ambassador Program


Why have EddieHub Ambassadors?

  • Official representative

    We want to provide active community members the opportunity to officially represent EddieHub and its values.

  • Added benefits

    Ambassadors to have the support of EddieHub through the program's benefits (see below for more details).


Exclusive benefits to the EddieHub Ambassadors


What we expect from the EddieHub Ambassadors

  • Collaboration 1st Code 2nd

    Promote communication, Open Source best practises and technical expertise.

  • Produce content

  • Uphold inclusivity and diversity to work towards a welcoming environment for all.

Terms and Guidelines

How long will I be an Ambassador for?

Can I stop being an Ambassador?

Can I be removed as an Ambassador?

2. EddieHub Logo

Can I use Hubber, the EddieHub official logo when representing EddieHub as an Ambassador?

3. Code of Conduct and Behaviour

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Do I need to behave differently if I am an EddieHub Ambassador?

4. What representations can I make as an EddieHub Ambassador

How do I define being an EddieHub Ambassador?