Open Source community aimed at encouraging and promoting communication, best practices and technical expertise in an inclusive and welcoming environment

Winner of the GitHub Nova 2021 Community Growth Award

Why EddieHub was founded

Eddie Jaoude

"Collaboration First, Code Second quickly became what the community members live by"

Find out about EddieHub's aims

Sara Jaoude

"Open Source is our hobby, our passion​ - not just our job"

Why be part of EddieHub?

Accelerate your career, skills and grow your network, while having fun!


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  • Chat in an inclusive, safe and supportive environment in channels ranging from databases, to public speaking and hackathons. 

  • Collaborate in interesting projects, increase your discoverability. 

  • Featuring achievements by community members, suggested content and upcoming events.

  • Grow your professional network on LinkedIn by adding EddieHub to your volunteer profile. 

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Eddie has always believed in giving back to the tech community with particular focus on creating and supporting opportunities for those wanting to start a career in tech, through diversity and inclusion programmes. This started out by mentoring and delivering workshops in association with tech for good charities, to creating and building the EddieHub Community.

"There is no gatekeeping in Open Source, this fosters a real sense of collaboration, communication and career development"


Our awesome Moderators providing support through all timezones

Nicholas Carrigan


Open Source Bot that promotes inclusive language.  Always open to ideas and suggests - raise these in the GitHub link below.

Michael Mba

Linux Systems Integrator, Open Source Enthusiast, Photographer, Gamer. Starting my Python journey. 

Vyom Jain

Currently a student, who tries to make stuff after getting tired of stuff.  All in for making inclusive non-toxic programming environments.

Community Partners

Other great communities we collaborate with

  • EquiCode

    Encouraging Equal Learning

    EquiCode focuses on holistic development of beginners and veterans alike, aspiring to  cultivate a diverse learning environment, providing equal opportunities for everyone to learn, grow and build up their personal brands.

  • DevScript

    Come together to Learn & Grown

    Devscript conducts webinars, lectures, quizzes, technical debates and hacks that help you develop a niche in the tech society. 

  • CodXCrypt

    Mentorship and guidance

    CodXCrypt aims at providing project ideas to students, mentorship and guidance in projects to ace their interviews


  • The Sidepath

    Where there is a skill, there is a way

    The Sidepath is an alternative education playground, where you can explore your passion and learn various 21s gen skills.


  • Floxies

    A community for women in UX/UI design and webflow

    This community's mission is to support each other on their Design and Webflow Development journey, by sharing their knowledge, learning from speakers across the world and practising during their hands-on sessions. 

  • DSC

    Developer Student Community

    DSC bridges the gap between theory and practice, through mentorship and guidance to those at undergraduate level who are passionate about developing impactful solution initiatives.

  • Bash Woman

    Hello beautiful people 

    Bash Woman helps students who want to get out of their comfort zone.  The community's aim is to help 10k people in 2021. 

  • Ladies in DevOps

    Getting into DevOps

    Ladies in DevOps is welcomes self-identifying women who are in the DevOps profession already and those interested in learning more from a tight-knit community.

  • SidHacks

    Hack to Contribute

    An inclusive community where you can learn, grow, build, share, network and experience various aspects of Hackathon and Technology which in turn helps you solve the shared struggles of society.

  • Community Classroom

    Hands-on training

    A place where you can get free online courses and mentorship, all in an inclusive community.

Community Schedule

Monthly events for the community

  • YouTube Video

    Every Wednesday

    This is when Eddie's weekly tutorials drop! Learn about fullstack web development, Open Source and DevOps. Eddie also shows a behind the scenes look at running a Community, client work and being a freelancer.


  • Public Speaking

    Every Saturday, 1:30pm BST

    Practice, share and learn public speaking skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Join this inclusive audio only call in our Discord, organised and managed by community members Kaiwalya Koparkar, Kunal Verma, Vyom Jain and Karuna Tata.

  • Community Call

    Last Saturday (monthly), 5pm BST

    Eddie and his Mods host a multi community audio call on Discord. Everyone is welcome! Join this inclusive call and speak to other community members. This is an inclusive and safe space where people of all technical abilities are encouraged to join.

  • Live Stream

    Every Friday, 5pm BST

    Eddie engages with his audience live, covering a wide range of topics such as, reviewing the community's Open Source projects and trying new technologies. Past guests include GitHub Stars from around the World, founders of tech startups and experts.

  • Sponsors Call


    Eddie and his GitHub Sponsors come together weekly to share their ideas and experiences. To join our call you can sponsor Eddie for as a little as $1 per month on GitHub Sponsors.


What it means to be part of this community in the members' own words

Started contributing and building my GitHub profile and already got a job interview request based on my GitHub activity. So I really appreciate what you do here!

EddieHub is like a family to me! We get really warm welcomes here! We get all our issues solved by each others' #help :) We get our 🟩 treats here! EddieHub is awesome. By Awesome I mean Awesome! It is a 10/5 rating!

It's everything anyone could ever ask for in a community. Wholesome, Encouraging, Open Source and everything nice! Best thing happened in 2020. I'll be always thankful to this community and keep contributing here. It's beyond rating of 5 stars. 3000/5 

EddiehubCommunity for me was the start of open source development 🟩 . As a designer, I've come across many software developers within the community that is always very helpful and enthusiastic about that green square. I didn't realize why it was so important at first. But I can finally say why. In the community, they don't just help each other when they are stuck with something. They collaborate on projects, sharing knowledge and experience with each other every day, they help to build each other's future so to speak. Which is amazing to see. Not only do they geek out 🤓 , but they also show support for people in their exams. This is why I enjoy spending time in the community.

This is just an awesome community. This is the first community I have seen which puts collaboration first than the code. Collaborative people make a collaborative community and EddieHub is a perfect example of it 😄. I can't rate this community on the scale because priceless things can't be quantified ❤️

EddieHub is a great place to catalyse growth in both personal and development spheres. The community really helps you get accustomed to social coding, which is an essential skill. Contributing with EddieHub has taught me how to write better issues and how to better explain things, by giving enough context.

The community is highly diverse and consists of developers ranging from experts to people who just started programming, giving you an ideal place to ask for help, reviews and ideas. Almost everyone in the community is ready to jump in and help.

The community also inculcates better speech tone and wiser use of words, due to the presence of Alex.js on the discord bot, which really trains you to communicate better and use more inclusive vocabulary.

Vincent Villafuerte

Joining on #EddieHub is one of the greatest achievements that you can flex to everyone around you, always love this community for being supportive to many people, plus being inclusive and diverse.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How do I join EddieHub?

EddieHub has many community and cross community platforms, events and calls. It is best to sign up to the Newsletter and join Discord to start collaborating with the inclusive EddieHub community. More information can be found in blog post on getting started.

Who is EddieHub for?

I am new to coding and / or Open Source, can I still join?

Can I find a mentor in EddieHub?

How can I get my Open Source / Resume / GitHub Profile reviewed on a live stream?

Why does EddieBot complain about my Discord messages?

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